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Wednesday Panel

Strong Workforce Implementation Panel -- CCCCO 

  1. Implementing the Strong Workforce - Curriculum  
  2. Engaging CTE Faculty In Local and State Governance Structures
  3. STP Presentation Archives

CCCCO Data Unlocked Experts Video 

We’re All Advocates - Continuing the Momentum - Jonathan Lightman, FACCC, Closing Keynote Address

Monday PRECONFERENCE: Leveraging the LaunchBoard for Program Planning 

Tuesday PRECONFERENCE: Data for Strong Workforce Program Funding 

Tuesday PRECONFERENCE: Perkins IV & V PPT and a Perkins Primer

CyberPatriot: Engaged Students become FTEs and Cybersecurity Professionals (Session #1.1)

  2. Post Conference Letter w/ FREE TOOLKIT

Building Global Competency Through CTE (Sessoin #1.3)

AB 288 as a Vehicle for Competency Based Pathways (Session #1.6)

Increasing Student Career Awareness and Job Readiness through Work-Based Learning (Session #1.9)

CTE Regional Marketing/Re-Branding Campaign -- a Bay Area Partnership (Session #1.10)

Industry Credentials: Pathways from Education into the Workforce (Session #1.11)

Other Links:

  1. Improving Workforce Education And Training Data in California - LAO Report:
  2. Connecting Credentials:
  3. National Credential Registry:
  4. Workforce Credentials Coalition:
  5. WEBINAR - Integrating 3rd Party Certification into your Career Pathways:
  6. WEBINAR - Integrating the Adobe Certified Associate Exams into your Classroom:

Charting the Course for Pathway Success (Session #2.4)

The CTE Outcomes Survey: What Have We Learned After 5 Years - KC Greaney (Session #2.5)

Overlooked Opportunities: CTE For Formerly or Currently Incarcerated Students (Session #2.6)

Cultivating Equity by Supporting the "Student to Employment" Journey (Session #2.8)

Career Services for "Strong Workforce": Designing a Program that Works (Session #2.10)

Strong Workforce Program Meets SSSP & Student Equity (Session #3.2)

CTE Liaisons: Engaging CTE Faculty (Session #3.4)

Regionally Aligned and Globally Connected for Student Engagement (Session #3.5)

How A Broken City Saves Itself (Session #3.7)

Secondary to Post Secondary Acceleration Strategies and Resources (Session #3.11)

  1. Handouts a Articulation Handbook Poster and ​CATEMA Screen Shots​

CTE Articulated Classes to Connect with High Schools (Session #4.2)

  1. Connecting With High Schools - Lesson 1 
  2. Connecting With High Schools - Lesson 2 
  3. Connecting With High Schools - Lesson 3 and 
  4. Connecting With High Schools - CATEMA & HS Articulation Key Roles & Responsibilities 

Innovative Ways of Implementing Pathways that Align with Current Industry Needs (Session #4.3)

Other Links:

  1. Wacom:
  2. John Howkins/Creative Economy:
  3. Otis Reports on the Creative Economy:
  4. WIOA Information:
  5. WEBINAR - WIOA and Career Pathway Alignment - How does this affect my school program?:
  6. CLASP Center for Law and Social Policy:
  7. WEBINAR - Connecting the ICT-Digital Media Dots:
  8. Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts and More from the Foundation:

What Does a $14,980,284 Regional Partnership Look Like? (Sessoin #4.5)

21st Century Employability Skills: Bridging Students' Skills to Employers Needs (Session #4.7)