The next Leadership Academy is scheduled for Summer 2016 - this will be held as a stand-alone event, not in conjunction with the CCCAOE Conference.  This full Leadership Academy program will be conducted over a 2 - 3 day period.  Please check back for more details.

CCCAOE graduated its first class of the Leadership Academy at the Spring 2013 Conference.  

Leadership Academy Master Trainers

Stephanie Atkinson-Alston, Los Angeles Harbor College Sid Burks, Chaffey College
Dianna Chiabotti, Napa Valley College
Eva Jimenez, Shasta College
Joyce Johnson, Mt. San Jacinto College
Gina La Monica, Merritt College
Jim Lancaster, Citrus College
Deborah Mann, Solano Community College
Omid Pourzanjani, Golden West College
Beth Pratt, Napa Valley College
Rhiannon Surrenda, Cabrillo College
Catherine Swenson, CCCEWDE - Butte College
Renah Wolzinger, Golden West College
Linda Zorn, Butte College

CTE/EWD Master Certificate

June 20-23, 2016 - San Diego, CA

Molly Ash, GCCCD Auxiliary
Jodi Ausland, Butte College
Michael Bastine, College of the Canyons
Patrick Bettencourt, Modesto Junior College
Eric Blaine, Barstow Community College
Dorsie Brooks, Golden West College
Keith  Burke, San Diego City College
Silvia  Calderon, San Joaquin Delta College
Laura Cantu, East Los Angeles College
Holly Chavez, Allan Hancock College
Elizabeth Colocho, LA Harbor College
Mae Conroy, West Valley College
Stephanie Feger, Coast District
Ashley  Gaines, San Bernardino CCD
Francisco Gamez, Berkeley City College
Sean Glumace, RSCCD
Michael Goss, Chaffey College
Jennifer Hamilton, Modesto Junior College
Kim Harrell Folsom, Lake College
Chelsea Hendershot, Shasta College EWD
Mark Hobbs, Los Angeles Mission College
Gayla Jurevich, Cuesta College
Alan Khuu, East Los Angeles College
Merry Kim, Irvine Valley College
Katherine Kittel, Napa Valley College
Deanna Krehbiel, San Bernardino CCD

Jonathan Kropp, Cuyamaca College
Amy Long, West Hills College Coalinga
Renee Marshall, College of the Canyons
Maria Martinez, Rio Hondo College
Mia McClellan, Southwestern Colleg
Don Miller, Las Positas College
Jamie Orr, Foothill College
Colleen Molko, Norco Colllege
Nita Patel, CCCCO
Douglas Redman, College of the Desert
Martha Robles, Modesto Junior College
Yecenia  Ross, San Bernardino CCD
Tonette Salter, Grossmont-Cuyamaca CC
Julie Samson, Santa Barbara City College
Andrew  Sanchez, LA Harbor College
Maureen Sinclair, Norco Colllege
Sandra Sisco, Mt. SAC
Sokun Somsack, San Juaquin Delta College
Katie Sundara, Long Beach City College
Michael Sundquist, Yosemite CCD
Brenda Thames, Modesto Junior College
James Todd, Modesto Junior College
Orion Walker, Mendocino College/Prop 39
Mark Weller, Barstow Community College
Lynell Wiggins, Pasadena City College 
Daniel Word, Crafton Hills College
Becky Zamora, San Diego City College


March 12, 2014

Mary Anstadt, Saddleback College
Keli Anthis, Shasta College
Becky Barabe, Merced College
Roanna Bennie, Allan Hancock College
Delia Buzatu, Butte College
Christie Campbell, North Orange County CCD
Rudy Carrion, Santiago Canyon College
Lorraine Collins, San Diego CCD
Dona DeRusso, Contra Costa College
Tina Dodson, Diablo Valley College
Kathleen Dutton, Chaffey College
Paolo Espaldon, Cuyamaca College
Katie Faires, CCCCO
Laureano Flores, East Los Angeles College
Martha Garcia, Imperial Valley College
Kate Harrison, Ohlone College
Cynthia Harrison, Mission College
Robyn Hart, Fresno City College
Dan Haskins, Shasta College
Kari Irwin, Santiago Canyon CollegeScott Jakovich, Long Beach City College
Alex Kramer, Cabrillo College
Von Lawson, Orange Coast College
Molly Lewis, Hartnell College
Robert Mabry, Allan Hancock College
Charles Monahan, Napa Valley College
Joseph Morris, Victor Valley College
Debbie Newcomb, Ventura College
Richard Ramos, Contra Costa College
Amy Schulz, Feather River College
Vicki Shipman, Los Positas College
Amy Smith, Long Beach City College
Mink Stavenga, Southwestern College
Dejah Swingle, Coast CCD
Joanne Vorhies, CCCCO
Louann Waldner, College of the Sequoias
Linda Waring, Cuyamaca College
Lisa Wearda, Cuesta College
Michael Williams-Flowers, Pierce College

January 15, 2014
Catherine Ayers, Foothill College
Julie Blacklock, Yuba College
Don Borges, Modest Junior College
Barbara Brock, Solano Community College
Jim Caldwell, Chaffey College
John Cardova, College of the Canyons
Laura Casillas, COCCC
Victor Castillo, South Western College
Gustavo Chamorro, Rancho Santiago College
Laura Coleman, Los Rios College
Shelly Conner, State Center CCD
Ruth Cossio-Muniz, Rancho Santiago College
Olivia Davalos, Hartnell College
Israel Dominguez, Cuesta College
John Dunn, CCCCO
Charles Eason, Solano College
Ken Eaves, Chaffey College
Valerie Fisher, College of the Sequoias
Lorinda Forrest, San Joaquin Delta College
Steven Glyer, Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortia
Leah Goold-Haws, Shasta College
Darren Gurney, Shasta College
Martha Gutierrez, North Orange County CCD
Christine Hernandez, Sacramento City College
Shari Herzfeld, Rio Hondo College
Paula Hodge, College of the Canyons
Sue Hussey, Los Rios College
Laurie Jensen, San Joaquin Delta College
James Johnson, Victor Valley College
Sandy Jones, Los Medanos College
Evgeniya Lindstrom, Chaffey College
Steve Linthicum, Sierra College
Janet Malig, Cerritos College
Larry McLaughlin, College of the Desert
Theresa Milan, Los Rios College
Dennis Mohle, Fresno City College
Curtis Myron, Butte College
Bruce Noble, Rio Hondo College
Brooks Ohlson, Los Rios College
Greg O'Sullivan, Shasta College
Julie Pehkonen, Riverside City College
Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Sierra College
Jason Rancadore, CCCCO
Lori Sanchez, Chaffey College
Maricela Sandoval, Rancho Santiago College
Josie Sette, Ohlone College
Petural Shelton, Peralta College
Avante Simmons, College of the Desert
Lynn Stewart, Long Beach City College
Phil Sutton, El Camino College
Jetza Torres, Rancho Santiago College
Andrea Vizenor, Skyline College
Dan Wantanabe, Los Angeles Valley College
Kourt Williams, Los Angeles City College
Jeff Williamson, Riverside Community College
Lily Wong, Riverside CCD|
Steven Wright, Rancho Santiago CCD

October 23, 2013
Eldon Davidson, El Camino College

March 22, 2013
Alan Braggins, San Bernardino CCD
Vicki Brown, Diablo Valley College
Denise Bushnell, Sierra College
Steve Cocca, El Camino College
Ann Durham, Grossmont College
Darlene Jackson, Sierra College
Margaret Lau, Allan Hancock College
Albert Maniaol, San Bernardino CCD
Tessa Miley, Butte College
Trudy Old, Butte College
Linda Waring, Cuyamaca College
Wendy Zinn, San Bernardino CCD

CTE Specialist Certificate

March 22, 2013
Kate Alder, Irvine Valley College
Achala Chatterjee, San Bernardino Valley College
Lionel Nash, Victor Valley College

EWD Specialist Certificate

March 22, 2013
Patricia Call, West Valley College
Prudence Ratliff, College of the Redwoods