While we are ALL ready to transition back to an In-Person Event,

we heard from you and want to meet the needs of the field.

CCCAOE will offer TWO separate conferences to meet your campus needs.



Omni Rancho Las Palmas – Rancho Mirage



OCTOBER 12-14 AND 19-21, 2021




Both conferences will focus on sharing high-quality practices that address a full range of issues facing

Career and Workforce Education educators, administrators, and other key stakeholders

as you seek to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the future of work.


We invite educational leaders within Career and Workforce Education including

faculty, K-12 career educators, employers, industry experts, or sponsors partnering with a community college.




ONE DAY OPTION – Price $275


Reservations at the Omni are OPEN.

Rates at the host hotel are as follows:  2021 – $179

Are you ready to transition out of your slippers and away from our headphones and virtual backgrounds?


Welcome back to an in-person event!


There will be prizes for the best masks. And the best handwashing.

(There may also be pop quizzes on these subjects.)


A few things to keep in mind as we resume face-to-face interaction!


If we poke at the air it means we have something to say or would like you to mute yourself. You just need to remind us that we are always unmuted now.


You are welcome to bring your slippers and blanket forts from home but they must extend no farther than 4” on either side of your seat. We are all going to need time to get used to being in public and so we understand that blanket forts are an important tool for those who need a little space and privacy due to overwhelm.


Be patient with each other as we all try to relearn the art of the casual anecdote.


We may offer a few mental health breakout sessions including “Finding Success in a Networking Opportunity” and “How to Make Meaningless Small Talk Before a Session”. Be sure to check the schedule.


Emotional support animals are now welcome at conference (just kidding)! – But wouldn’t that be great!


We are looking forward to seeing your faces attached to your bodies in 3-dimensions.





*Special note – If you choose to register for the in-person conference at Omni Rancho Las Palmas – Rancho Mirage and we have to cancel the in-person (we don’t want this to happen),all those registered for the in-person will be automatically registered for virtual and given a refund of the price difference.

Fun Instructions are inspired by a Facebook post by Professor Susan Juby.


Classified Staff Package: Price $195 

Other Options:

Pkg A: $249 Six Sessions.   Pkg B: $125 Three Sessions.   

Pkg C: $59 One Session. 

General Session Options include: Keynote Speakers and Plenary Sessions

Are you ready to transition out of your slippers and away from our headphones and virtual backgrounds but just can’t?


We have got your back!


A few things to keep in mind as we continue to offer our best to you through the virtual world.


We understand, this zoom fatigue is a real thing. The need to create the illusion of eye contact through technology while still trying to process the other person’s words can be exhausting. Plan ahead and block your calendar off, this can help protect your experience and your overall balance.


Ground yourself before joining the virtual meeting. The benefits of mindfulness can be harnessed to replenish yourself when dealing with Zoom fatigue. Grounding techniques can rely on any of your senses to connect you to the present moment and can be helpful when navigating excessive screen time.Some examples of how you may do this include: Moisturizing your hands, Breathing in essential oils, Massaging your temples.


Taking a few deep breaths before you get in the session and between sessions can also be very helpful. Please take full advantage of the breaks in the schedule and walk away from the screen. Hug your pets, or kids, or plants (not the poky ones).


You will have the luxury of wearing your slippers while sitting in a blanket fort from home (unlike those who will attend in-person).


You will be able to take the Keynote presenters with you on a walk, allowing your mind to focus on the presentation while also getting the chance to move your body (sitting all day is the worst). You can also do the provided Yoga and Meditation videos at any time during the virtual conference, not just during the times on the schedule.


Take time to find connection with other virtual attendees through the Town Hall. Of course, we will also give prizes for Super Star level engagement. So make the most of it.


We are all in this together. We hope these tips will help you cope as we continue to push forward with the difficult circumstances this pandemic has put upon us all.

3 Days
in Palm Springs
Colleges Represented

CCCAOE’s Fall 2021 Conferences will bring learning to transform the model of career development around sustainable calls to action. The events are a vital component to the growth and development of career education and educators. Join in the energizing opportunity to hear from leaders and peers, who like you, show up every day in their roles as active leaders.


The goal of the Fall 2021 Conferences is to continue to foster inclusive conditions and sustainable action in the following areas:

  • Strong Workforce Program
  • Perkins
  • Regional Promising Practices
  • Industry Partnership Success Stories
  • Apprenticeship
  • Strong K12 pathways/dual enrollment models
  • Inclusive Practices targeting at-promise populations
  • and more



Workshops will provide promising practices that support student success, high-quality professional learning opportunities, student engagement & retention, system practices, using data to build high-quality programs, and building better hiring practices. These sessions are intended to nurture a sense of community between all students, innovation in diversity and inclusion for all students



We aim to cultivate discovery and problem-solving through idea sharing and community building. We seek to highlight the how and why of practices, strategies, or models and to facilitate reflection and engagement that helps translate VISION into practice. We are mindful of the need to discuss issues facing Career and Workforce Education educators, administrators, and other key stakeholders as they seek to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the future of work.



Get a relevant and exciting look at forward-thinking, cutting-edge professional, and leadership development to support your student success efforts. Gain knowledge and inspiration that will help you be the best leaders in your classrooms, school districts, and college campuses whether locally, regionally, statewide, or nationally. All to enhance student success from K-12 and beyond.


Schedule at a Glance

*subject to change


Master Schedule

*Subject to change

FALL 2021 Conferences

Event Overview

September 29th – In-Person Conference Kick-off Day

September 30th – In-Person Conference Day 2

October 1st – In-Person Conference Day 3 – Closing at 11:30

October 12th – 14th – Virtual Conference Week 1

October 19th – 21st – Virtual Conference Week 2

Michael J. Sorrell, Ed.D.

Transformative College President & Fortune 50 World’s Greatest Leader

Session Title: Going Forward: How to Build a Higher Education Model for the Post-Pandemic Student

Hardy Brown, II

Principal, Footsteps to Freedom Inc.



and MORE…

Wednesday, September 29, 8:30 am – 11:30 am
CEO EducateX
Session Title: Planning with Storyboards: Compression Planning and Virtual Tools
Senior Project Manager WestEd
Session Title: Data-Informed Practice Crash-Course: Leveraging the LaunchBoard to Lead Student-Centered Change on your Campus

This conference is designed for: 

Professors &
Classroom Educators

Deans &
Program Managers

Administrators &
Administrative Assistants

Top 5 reasons members attend:



1. “My students are counting on me.”

Invest in your students and schools by attending. Get information, share insights, find solutions and ways to increase recruitment and retention rates.


2. “From a leadership perspective, I can’t afford not to attend.”

This is the only career education professional development opportunity that offers the leadership and faculty perspective. Partner directly with leaders in the education arena and collaborate with your peers to tackle the issues you face in your own district or regions.


3. “It’s how I follow education trends and best practices.”

Whether it’s issues related to budget and finance; innovation and student learning; leadership; equity; community engagement, communication or collaboration, this premier event focuses on key areas to share best practices and programs being implemented in the field.


4. “I discover practical solutions to education challenges.”

We deliver practical solutions to help Career Education teams improve education and economic development opportunities.


5. “It’s a way to partner with education experts.”

Spend time with our business partners on our fast-growing Vendor Show floor and find out how they can help you effectively manage and lead your districts with the various product and service solutions they offer.

Attending this event will kickstart change at your college

Get direct connection to a network of career education practitioners that share best practices. Learn how to navigate the California Community College system and advocate more effectively for your programs.

“As always, the networking opportunities to connect with folks in my area at different campuses is the best thing about this conference.” – 2019 Conference Attendee

“My favorite part of the CCCAOE Conference is the knowledgeable and dedicated presenters that took time to collaborate and connect colleagues from various colleges!” – 2019 Conference Attendee

Learning about what other colleges are doing across the state, the best practices, and insight to overcome issues… these are the reasons I attend.” – 2019 Conference Attendee


I have attended past events. Is there a place to login and skip entering all my information again?

No, each event is a new registration.

Are hotel accommodations included in my registration?

No. – All attendees are responsible for covering the cost of their own hotel accommodations

Will meals be provided to attendees?

Breakfast (as per COVID-19 regulations) is provided daily.

Is there a way to request a refund if I register and am unable to attend?

Yes. – Please consult our refund policy here.
Refunds will take 4 – 6 weeks post conference.

Can I substitute my registration for someone else?

Attendance Substitutes are acceptable. However, after the cancellation deadline, you are responsible for full payment.
Please email substitute’s first and last name, cellphone (for registration purposes) as well as their job title and college/organization affiliation to registration@cccaoe.org for name tag and registration purposes as early as possible.
Please include your name and organization in the email.


Amy Christianson, Executive Director


Mailing Address:
1800 21st Street PMB 205
Sacramento, CA 95811


Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort

41-000 Bob Hope Drive

Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270


Make your OMNI Reservations here!

OMNI Reservations are now OPEN for the CCCAOE Fall 2021 In-Person Conference!

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