CCCAOE Equity Statement:

“Educational equity is serving members by providing access, opportunity, and

resources through fair and balanced support for transformational success for students.”

We are committed to working toward educational equity by:

  • Ensuring the inclusion of diverse perspectives in professional learning services 
  • Providing resources through advocacy for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. 
  • Engaging membership
  • Building equity leadership capacity
  • Examining and interrupting inequitable policies and practices 

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Advocacy Icon_Illustration
Advocacy prioritized
as fundamental to
legislative change.
Collaboration Icon_Illustration
through networking
Relevence Rigor Icon_Illustration
Relevance & Rigor
ensured to meet 21st
century workforce needs.
Response Icon_Illustration
Response to the
changing needs
of career educators.
Empowering Members Icon_Illustration
Empowerment of
membership to become
innovators & change agents.
Equity Minded Icon_Illustration
Equity emphasized
across all of
our practices.
Service Icon_Illustration
Service recognized as
the core value of our
professional association.
800+ Members Engage
2.1 Mil
California Community
College Students
of all California
College Students
$20 Mil
in State Funding
Allocated to CTE
Career Fields

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