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CCCAOE Leadership Academy 2024


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Who should participate in CCCAOE’s Leadership Academy? YOU!

Whether you are a seasoned CTE champion or new to the CCC system,

Leadership Academy brings a unique blend of personal growth and

technical expertise to attendees ready to develop their leadership skills further.

Level 1.0 with Mike Walsh


January 9 – 12, 2024

Full one page agenda is available here

Registration – $975

  • Register up until January 2nd.

Embassy Suites by Hilton, San Diego

601 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101

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  • CCCAOE rates start at $185 plus local fees & state taxes and parking.

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Level 2.0 with CCC Deans and CCC Mentors


ALL NEW – Coming January 2025



Check back for details!

Who will you be learning from?



Are you a New Dean, Program Manager or Faculty? Are you responsible for coordinating, managing or being part of an effective team in the community college setting? Are you an Administrative Assistant who is ready to be a leader?


Our leadership academy is a certificate program for CTE/EWD Professionals divided into 2 levels. Attendees learn new leadership skills and improve on those they already use within the community college setting.


The research is clear. Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior. What are those behaviors, and how does one learn to embody them? The experiential focus of this academy will give you practical and personal knowledge of leadership soft skills.



Level 1.0 – Leadership Academy: Mike Walsh

The Leadership Challenge

Level 2.0 – Leadership Academy

An all-NEW program – Coming January 2025!


“Leaders come from all walks of life and perspectives, and our ideas for change may vary, but the “why” was united in our group. I gained an insight into the methodology of leading and understanding the technical and behavioral components that have to align in order to have a good balance in our organization of being smart and healthy.”


“I am inspired to lead in new ways and also model this so change can come to my work environment.”


“Love the small group breakout sessions and time to discuss and hear the main general session’s feedback and responses. Good variety of activities to keep us engaged. Met some good people at other colleges who are developing their leadership skills also.”


“What went well for me was having interaction throughout the training and not just watching video after video and/or listening to someone present off PowerPoint slide the entire time.”

2024 Leadership Academy Level 1.o Overview


January 9-12, 2024

“Leadership is not about authority; it’s about influence.” – Mike Walsh
Engage with leadership speakers, a community of practice, and networking opportunities. Participating in CCCAOE’s Leadership Academy 2023 Series will provide you with the advanced skills of leading. The importance of connection during this series cannot be underestimated and will add to your knowledge and understanding of ways to increase the success of our students.
Leadership Level 1.0 includes leadership training with Mike Walsh – The Leadership Challenge and 5 Community of Practice Modules.
  • Module A – The Basics -Terms, Acronyms, Vision Resource Center, General Resources, Ed Code, Chain of Command – Governance Structure
  • Module B – Money/Finance – Funding Formula, SWP, Perkins, Budget Basics, CFO Basics, Reporting, NOVA, Allowable expenses, Funding sources
  • Module C – Student Experience – Guided Pathways, Dual Enrollment, Student Orientation, CTE vs. Transfer Enrollment, Financial Aid, Equity
  • Module D – Curriculum – Process, Role of Faculty, 10 + 1, Program Review/Viability, Credit/non-credit/NFC/Community Education/Contract Education, Advisory
  • Module E – Partnerships – WDB, All Partnerships, Employer Engagement, WBL, Relationships, Advisory
The series will include in-person sessions beginning January 9, at 10:00 am and ending Friday, January 12  at 12:00 pm. Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton San Diego Bay Downtown. 

Full agenda is available here.

Mike Walsh 

Mike Walsh –

The Leadership Challenge

A respected leader, coach and facilitator, Mike has a passion for creating a structure of support for organizations that inspires individuals to connect their skills and talents in a meaningful way that leads to self-motivation.  

His ability for seamlessly integrating the goals of the individual with the desired outcomes of the team as a whole – leaving no one and nothing behind – is what has made him one of the most impactful results-producing facilitators in education administration, youth development and corporate development for over 20 years. 

Mike’s approach to work empowers people of all ages and walks of life, from high school students to senior corporate executives and veteran educators, to produce the tangible results that satisfy the human desire to make a difference in the world through their work.

An opportunity to be an active partner in your own professional development


This conference is designed for: 

Professors &
Classroom Educators

Deans &
Program Managers

Administrators &
Administrative Assistants

Top 5 reasons members attend:



1. “My colleagues are counting on me.”

Invest in your professional development by attending. Get information, share insights, find solutions and ways to increase your the effectiveness of your plans and goals.


2. “From a leadership perspective, I can’t afford not to attend.”

This is the only career education professional development opportunity that offers the leadership and faculty perspective. Partner directly with leaders in the education arena and collaborate with your peers to tackle the issues you face in your own district or regions.


3. “It’s how I follow education trends and best practices.”

Whether it’s issues related to budget and finance; innovation and student learning; leadership; equity; community engagement, communication or collaboration, this premier event focuses on key areas to share best practices and programs being implemented in the field.


4. “I discover practical solutions to education challenges.”

We deliver practical solutions to help Career Education teams improve education and economic development opportunities.


5. “It’s a way to partner with education experts.”

Spend time with our business partners on our fast-growing Vendor Show floor and find out how they can help you effectively manage and lead your districts with the various product and service solutions they offer.

Attending this event will make you a better leader

Get direct connection to a network of career education practitioners that share best practices. Learn how to navigate the California Community College system and advocate more effectively for your programs.

“As always, the networking opportunities to connect with folks in my area at different campuses is the best thing about this conference.” – 2019 Academy Attendee

“My favorite part of the CCCAOE Conference is the knowledgeable and dedicated presenters that took time to collaborate and connect colleagues from various colleges!” – 2019 Academy Attendee

Learning about what other colleges are doing across the state, the best practices, and insight to overcome issues… these are the reasons I attend.” – 2019 Academy Attendee

“I really appreciated the information and hands-on activities. Very relevant and made me think how to improve my instruction and recognizing my personality matrix, especially identifying my warning signs that can create inefficiency and/or roadblocks.” – 2022 Academy Attendee

“As a new dean with zero experience in CTE, I found these modules much more
valuable to my work. I would recommend holding the training in December, perhaps the second or third week. This way new deans hired over the summer and fall can participate in this opportunity sooner rather than waiting for the summer.”, “Mike Walsh was amazing, I am so thankful for his part in the Leadership 1.0 it created a nice balance, especially for someone new to the college system who loves human interactions. Win-win!”, Gained so much information, resources, and understanding. Excited and looking forward to learning more tomorrow.”, “As an incoming department chair hoping to inspire faculty to re-ignite passion into teaching so student engagement and equity are front and center, this has been a critical step in recovering from the stress of the disconnect of the pandemic and a way forward to bring other faculty on the journey forward. We can do it – together.”

2022 Academy Attendee

“Mike is an excellent facilitator. As an incoming Department Chair (and outgoing curriculum chair) the insight into processes and personalities resonated and helped with first steps and setting the tone.” – 2022 Academy Attendee


I have attended past events. Is there a place to login and skip entering all my information again?

No, each event is a new registration.

Are there COVID policies in place?

Yes. – Please consult our Health and Wellness policy here. 

Is there a way to request a refund if I register and am unable to attend?

Yes. – Please consult our refund policy here.
Refunds will take 4 – 6 weeks post conference.

Where can I find the schedule at a glance?

Details coming soon

Can I substitute my registration for someone else?

Attendance Substitutes are acceptable. However, after the cancellation deadline, you are responsible for full payment.
Please email substitute’s first and last name, cellphone (for registration purposes) as well as their job title and college/organization affiliation to registration@cccaoe.org for name tag and registration purposes as early as possible.
Please include your name and organization in the email.



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