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CCCAOE is a state-wide, membership-driven organization of career educators, faculty, staff, and administrators. Together we create a greater voice and impact in shaping career education throughout our state.


  • Our networking conferences empower community college faculty, staff, and leadership to share best practices, discover new vendors, and create inter-system collaboration between colleges.
  • Our advocacy efforts and advocacy training courses help members represent their interests and the interests of all California community colleges at the legislative level.
  • Our organization studies industry trends and reports on the ever-changing obstacles that impact the success of 21st century career technical educators.
  • Our equity-minded practices provide members with the structures needed to best-serve their diverse and growing college populations.
  • Our tips and tools empower members in their efforts to innovate and create positive change at their institutions.
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As each college strives to meet workforce needs in the ever-changing landscape of education, CCCAOE brings stakeholders together to share best practices and advocate for excellence in career education throughout the state. Professional development is designed to help prepare members for future industry and education trends, and to improve student success and employment. CCCAOE also extends opportunities for members to strengthen their network, cultivate their knowledge, broaden their understanding of state initiatives, and develop an expertise to integrate multiple funding sources.

Discover Our State’s Unique Regions

North/Far North Region

There are 15 colleges in the North/Far North Region spreading their influence from Woodland at their southern end and all the way north to the Oregon border. Colleges in this region serve a mostly rural student population, and have large successful programs focused on Agriculture, Forestry, and Construction trades among others.

San Francisco Bay Area Region

There are 28 colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area Region. This region may not have cover the largest land area but it serves more students than nearly all the others. Colleges in this region are working to build pathways for bay area students to advance in business & entrepreneurship, biotech, health, and global trade among many other areas.

Central Valley and Mother Lode Region

There are 14 colleges in the Central Valley and Mother Lode Region impacting education in the center of California. Colleges in this region span from Ridgecrest in the southeast to Stockton in the northwest and focus on using data to reach the needs of their regional workforce. Popular programs include advanced manufacturing, health, and environmental technologies among others.

South Central Coast Region

There are 8 colleges in the South Central Coast Region focused on serving local and regional industry needs with strengthened K-16 to CTE career pathways. Colleges in this region are focused on energy, construction & utilities sectors as well as global trade and information technology to name a few.

Los Angeles Region

There is a consortium of 19 community colleges, and their work extends beyond the borders of our campuses. They’re advocates of regional change, focused on opening doors for adult, disenfranchised, and incumbent workers; facilitating upskilling for the region’s existing labor force; expanding employment opportunities for students, and offering more highly trained candidates for employers.

Orange County Region

There are 10 colleges in the Orange County Region. The region has been described as an urban oasis, boasting the highest population of Southern California inhabitants at just over 57% of the 10 total counties that make-up its boundaries. Colleges in this region are focused on expanding opportunities for on the job training and emerging sectors in the life sciences, biotech, tourism, health, and advanced transportation and logistics along with many others.

Inland Empire Desert Region

There are 12 colleges in the Inland Empire/Desert Region covering over 27,000 square miles and serving a diverse community of 4.4 million residents. The region is a hub for technology, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and transportation with their efforts focused on well articulated career pathways and students achieving economic prosperity. Colleges in this region are focused on advanced manufacturing, energy, business, and communication among others.

San Diego/Imperial Region

There are 10 colleges in the San Diego/Imperial Region developing high level industry-education partnerships. Institutions in this region shape education from Carlsbad at the northern edge to Imperial in the east and the Mexican border to the south. Colleges in this region are focused on information and communication technologies as well as advanced manufacturing, health and biotech.

CCCAOE is a leader for Community Colleges. We offer a space for all members to convene, share, and create change for students across the state.
– John Jaramillo, CCCAOE President


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