Elected officers include the President, President-Elect, Communications Officer, Treasurer and seven regional Vice Presidents. The Communications Officer and Treasurer are elected in alternate years and serve a two-year term of office. The regional Vice Presidents also serve a two-year term of office. The President serves an additional year as Immediate Past President.

The Board of Directors is comprised of elected officers and chairpersons of standing and/or ad hoc committees. Committee appointments are made by the President in consultation with the President-Elect and Immediate Past President and with ratification of the Board.

The Board of Directors meets four times each year, with regularly invited representatives from other organizations and public entities such as the Chancellor's Office and the Occupational Education Committee of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.

The Board conducts the business of the Association and hears reports from standing and ad hoc committee chairs and other invited representatives. Additionally, the Board plans the Association's statewide conferences.