FACCC Reacts to the Resignation of Calbright CEO, Heather Hiles

SACRAMENTO, CA – President Debbie Klein and Executive Director Evan Hawkins of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) have issued the following statement on the resignation of Heather Hiles, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Calbright:

“We wish Heather Hiles the best in her future endeavors. FACCC and other faculty groups have not been shy about sharing concerns about Calbright since its inception. We continue to question the value of Calbright. The college has already received $140 million of state funding while violating the Educational Code with duplication. Its per-student funding is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars as our other colleges receive the lowest per-student funding, and the college is now without leadership only months after opening its doors to students.

Unfortunately, new leadership alone will not fix this inherently flawed use of state resources. FACCC will continue to advocate for expanding the funding of our existing colleges to fulfill the Chancellor’s Office Vision for Success and the mission of the California Community College system.”



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